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Tinnitus is the sensitivity towards noise or sound in the ears. It is a known problem that can affect 1 in every 5 persons. It is however not a condition in itself but a sign of an underlying condition like ear injury or hearing loss. Before one can go for tinnitus treatment, it is important to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of homoeopathic treatment. The central axiom for homoeopathy is “Like cures like.” This in itself sounds diabolical.

Is it implying that the cure for an ailment can be found in the causes themselves? Most homoeopathic experts have answered this as “Yes” and also as a “No.” What does the “Yes” portion of the answer constitute? That when the fundamental components that can lead to a disease are orally introduced in some manner, then these components can be the immunization constituent against such disease. Hence, they will protect the person from its attacks. Notwithstanding, in homoeopathy, the doses are vital.

Differing from other rules in common practices, the effect of dilution raises the potency of the medications. Given so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when homoeopaths confidently say that their treatments can compete against atom bombs in their potency. This is especially when the drugs are diluted; let’s say for almost a 1000 times. The theory of diluting medicines in order to raise their power might sound untrue.

However, the following examples simply validate the theory: If they are taken in a concentrated dosage, sodium sulphate can cause severe diarrhoea, but when it is diluted according to homoeopathy, and then taken, it can result in a cure. If a homoeopathic drug like Ipeca is taken in a concentrated dosage, it causes acute retching, but when diluted and taken, it cures vomiting and nausea-related problems, and If Graphites are consumed at full concentration, it badly impacts the hearing aid, but taken after dilution, it is a good therapy against hearing problems and tinnitus disease.

The Achievement of Homeopathic Cure for Tinnitus

How does homoeopathic treatment go about the operation of dealing with tinnitus disease? In the very beginning, the persons that are affected with tinnitus will need to provide the homoeopath with very detailed information about their selves, including their medical condition. Doing this alone can eat a huge chunk of time, and can be rather tiring for most of the individuals. For the treatment of tinnitus, a homoeopath is possibly going to want to know certain things like:

What you prefer to eat as food

If you love eating sweets

If you feel more relaxed in your home or on the streets

When you are most active in the daytime

If you would cherish a holiday and the places you might want to go

Whether you sleep well or not and when your sleep is deepest – in the early night hours or later on

If you dream all the time and whether they are pleasing or are nightmares.

Everything mentioned above has nothing to do with tinnitus. However, the response of the patients will help the homoeopath to propose a treatment for the disease. All homoeopathic medicines are not suitable to every tinnitus sufferer. Nevertheless, a list can be made of the most common homoeopathic drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of tinnitus.

In Medicine Direct you will find the list to include some of the following:

Carbo vegetabilis: suitable for tinnitus sufferers that are prey to nausea and vertigo, feeling cold, but also seeking cool and fresh air. Calcarea carbonica: suitable for tinnitus affected persons having listening difficulties and experiencing auditory disturbances that are pulsing or crackling. Cinchona officinalis: suitable for those who are affected by tinnitus and are very responsive to every outer sound, sweating too much with a quick feeling of fatigue.

Chinium sulphuricum: suitable for a tinnitus affected individual with the previous record of vertigo, with sounds that are buzzing, ringing and roaring. Cimicifuga: suitable for tinnitus affected ladies, with pains in their heads, neck and back and also menstruation complications. Coffea cruda: suitable for tinnitus persons with nervous get-up, and vibrating sensations that come from the back of their heads. Kali carbonicum: suitable for those with ears affected by tinnitus with cracking, roaring, ringing as well as vertigo issues if they turn.





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Lycopodium: suitable for those suffering from tinnitus in their ears with a foul-smelling release, pain, reverberating noise and low but incessant humming sounds. Natrum salicycum: suitable for those their tinnitus disease comes from the Metiere's Disease or an over-dependence on aspirin with low humming sounds. The efficacy of homoeopathic treatment can be at top short-term, even though there are noticeable benefits that are attained during the period of treatment. Only a complete treatment can completely benefit the affected individuals and help them modify their bodily system in such a manner that a long-lasting relief can be sure to be found.

This method of treatment looks for the key reasons or circumstances that might have caused the disease, in order for it to be completely removed. It is important to mention that there is no one cause of tinnitus, the causes are several. Unlike the counteractive treatments that can be made at home, the complete methods are considerably more effective. This is because they observe the entire structure of the individual as a sole body to be able to figure out what caused the tinnitus, and then suggest proper treatments. These complete treatment approaches have been very successful due to the fact that they tackle the causes.

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